Wednesday, December 30, 2009

They Noticed

There is a room I’m not allowed to enter and today the door was open. Just standing there like a big yawning invitation. Normaly they shadow me like a criminal, but for these precious two seconds I was unsupervised. Of course I went in, wouldn’t you? The floor is covered in very old blue carpet. It still looks OK, but my goodness the smells. They just had it cleaned and think it is like new, but I can still smell three teenage boys, a regular harem of girlfriends, all the various guests, five cats, four dogs, two gerbils, a few handfuls of hamsters and wild lizards, two snakes, and one rabbit. The whole time in the room I was sniffing all around the guitar cables strewn across the floor, making sure they weren’t leftover snakes. I tried really hard to be careful and not pee my pants, so to speak, and I did a really good job on that front. Unfortunately, I was so excited to be in The Man’s music studio that I pooped a little. Rats! My only poopy accident. It wasn’t very much, just a little marble, but I figured I’d better run out of there as fast as I could and just hope no one would notice.

They noticed.

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