Friday, January 1, 2010

Scoring Treats

I’ve discovered the easiest way to score treats throughout the day. So simple. They tell me to do something very easy, I do it, and I get a treat. It isn’t like they are asking me to do calculus or anything special, just things I normally do anyway. I get treats if I SIT on the floor, lie DOWN for a little rest, LOOK at them expectantly, STAY in one spot for a few seconds which is admittedly hard for me, COME running which is fun only if I go at top speed and act like I am going to knock them down only to come to a screeching sit at their feet. The Man taught me to leave something alone when he tells me to LEAVE IT, I open my mouth and say Ahhh! When The Lady says RELEASE, and I spit out whatever is in my mouth when they say DROP IT.
I get bigger treats when The Lady asks me to lean on my elbows on some little benches in the back yard or walk through one of her enormous hoola hoops. I guess the treats are more substantial for that since those activities are definitely not part of my normal routine.

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