Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leave Me Forever

As soon as I had finished gobbling my lunch The Lady, The Man, Auntie Cynthia and I all went down to the beach to play.  I’ve never been to the beach before!  Sand is the most wonderful substance in the world.  When we get home I’m going to convince The Man to dig up the front yard and fill it with sand.  (Oh wait, for a moment I forgot they gave me to Auntie Cynthia and I’m never going home again. Never mind.) At first it was a little scary, since the rest of the world is experiencing tsunamis and earthquakes, making the waves quite loud and rather large.  Oh, but the smells!  Do you realize that all kinds of nasty old stuff washes up on the shore and gets buried in the sand?  Decomposing junk, rotting and festering, sometimes for years?  Dead fish, rubber boots, broken plastic crap, disgusting slimy old rope, and even some disappointingly clean dentures.  No one else was doing anything about it so I figured it was my job to dig it up.  They kept talking about my webbed toes, and how I should be such a swimmer, but they don’t realize how having webbed feet provides me with excellent shovels for digging.  There was a rock I liked in particular, and I tried to dig it up, but it was too big and I got tired.  Besides, my Auntie Cynthia started running down the beach and I had to stop digging to chase her.  Do you know the wind felt so good in my fur that I didn’t even realize I had sand crammed up my nose! 

You know, when bedtime rolled around, I slept in my house (CAGE!) in a lovely suite of rooms, (just remodeled so I was firmly informed not to eat the smelly grasscloth wallpaper) and My People slept in the big bed next to me, just like at home.  I figured they would say goodbye and leave me forever when it got dark, and then I would sleep in the room with Auntie Cynthia. But here they are… still.  I’m glad, but I didn’t sleep too well, worrying and wondering.

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