Monday, January 11, 2010

Interesting Sauce

My new favorite taste treat is old leaves steeped in rainwater, preferably in a flowerpot thick with mulch. The rainwater creates such an interesting sauce with these ingredients! O The aroma! Apparently I am not supposed to enjoy anything not found in my official dish located inside the house, so I have to be sneaky about indulging. Fortunately for me, we have very lazy gardeners who just Mow, Blow, and Go, and are particularly careless in the side yard where The Lady stores her extra planting supplies. This remote and infrequently visited quadrant of the yard has quite a buildup of ancient and exotically seasoned leaves, offering a regular smorgasbord of this menu item. i just have to plan my visits to the buffet when they aren't paying attention, which isn't very often. Occasionally I can slip around the side of the house in the dark when they think I've gone out to use the grass and have a quick slurp. Do you think they would believe me if I told them I'm stepping out for a moment to smoke?
No, probably not.

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