Friday, February 19, 2010


Since My People can't go out much these days because of me, they are holed up at home watching the Olympics.  I make it impossible to leave the house for any length of time and apparently I also make it difficult to watch an entire movie from start to finish.  Movies are awfully long and tedious, don't you think?  Anyhooo.... I just love the Olympics.  When we are watching, I lounge around on the floor and chew something, anything I can find, preferably one of The Lady's excessively stinky shoes, and I stare at the large television set.  My favorite is Shaun White because he makes $10 million dollars a year rolling around in the snow like a puppy, Lindsay Vonn is tall perfection and looks like The Lady's friend Wendy,and that little Mancuso girl with the sparkly crown is pretty cute.  Bode Miller is a madman, which is what The Man calls me on a regular basis.  I've heard Bode was raised by wolves, so I'm wondering if he is a relation somehow?  OK, and I have to admit that even though I am a US citizen, I catch my Saint Bernard DNA cheering for Simon Ammann.  He flies like a bird and wore that fetching silver coat when he first showed up at the Olympics a few years ago.  But as far as that clear-eyed KGB assassin on ice skates goes, I don't like him at all.  He is scary. And skinny.  The competition is very exciting, and I try to participate the best I can.  I can't go to Vancouver by myself so I have to use what is available in the den.  If I leap between the ottoman and the sofa, twisting in the air and howling a little, I can (sorta) get the effect of a half-pipe.  The stairs covered with ancient worn down carpet make a fantastic down hill run or even a ski jump, especially since I always land on heavily waxed hardwood flooring and go flying.  And speaking of the slippy hardwood floor, if I get a running start around the corner, I can transform the length of the room into quite a convincing short track, as long as I don't smack into the sliding glass door.  So far, no medals have materialized, but with the effort I've put into the events, I'm sure at least one is forthcoming soon.  Maybe at least a little extra dinner?


  1. have you read Charles Siebert's book, "Angus"?

    Oh, and i love the skinny soviet guy. that arrogance! it's brilliant to watch.

  2. Hi Laurie -
    I've not red "Angus" but I will look for it. If you are suggesting it, I bet it is very entertaining.

  3. it's a wonderful, heartbreaking but brilliant novel told from a dog's point of view.

    siebert and his wife really did have a little jack russell terrier named angus, who really did die very young (this is not a spoiler; you know from the beginning of the book that angus is dying). what is remarkable is the way that siebert was able to get into his dog's head, so to speak, and write a novel from angus' point of view.

    siebert has done some wonderful nonfiction; i'm not sure if this is his only novel, but it's great. he and his wife are known as Sweet Voice and Big Head, as I recall.

    (i'd better look that up. i might be remembering wrong.)

  4. oops. it's Sweet-Voice and Huge-Head.