Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Auntie Cynthia

Auntie Cynthia got the pictures we sent her and was insanely jealous that Princess Fran and Princess Cynthia (different Cynthia) got to meet me first. Auntie Cynthia has been friends with Miss Fran for a long time, BUT she is also The Lady’s sister, so she is part of my family. She drove here the very next day from Laguna Beach in her zippy little Mercedes, breaking every rule of the road going at least 100 miles an hour, just to meet me. She is wonderful! So sophisticated and clean! So electrifying! She brought me a present, my big Kong Wubba. It is bright red, covered in slippery canvas stuff, and makes the most delightful slappy noises when The Lady flicks it around on the floor. It is a little too big for me right now, but I LOVE my Kong Wubba. Auntie Cynthia has golden hair and even though she wears impossibly high heels (not bad ones like wicked Wanda, but lovely ones from Neiman's with red on the bottom) she is lots of fun and makes good noises too, mostly squealing and cooing and squeaking, just like a rubber chew toy. The more I hop around, the more she squeaks and hugs me and tells me she can tell I am going to be a sweet doggie. She is the most exciting person in the whole world and I’m glad she is my real Auntie.

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