Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Auntie Shauna

I learned I have another Auntie! Her name is Auntie Shauna, and I have to be especially nice to her when I get to meet her. My People were supposed to fly to Houston to visit her for Christmas, but canceled because of taking care of me, rather unexpectedly I gather. I hope I can win her over. She used to have a very special dog named Paddington that everyone loved very much, particularly The Lady. Paddington was half Saint Bernard (like me!) and half German Shepherd. Because Paddington was such a good dog, The Lady was happy for me to be her pet since I might turn out to be good too, or at least half good because of the Saint Bernard part. Auntie Shauna has LuLu who is half Pekinese and half King Charles who is quite the Olympic sprinter. She came to live at Shauna’s house when she was a year and a half old after being found on the freeway in Houston outrunning the speeding cars. Sheba is the most recent addition to Auntie Shauna’s family, a big black cat that keeps LuLu in line. I can’t wait to meet my cousins and I hope Auntie Shauna likes me.

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