Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Visitors!

A curious thing happened today. A bell sounded throughout the house and two nice ladies, sisters actually, appeared at the door straight from magic fairies. My First Visitors! They were a vision in long colorful dresses with tiny pointy shoes dipped in beads and sequins. They had sparkly crowns on their heads, glossy smiles, kind eyes, and satiny coats that covered what might be wings and long fluffy tails. They opened an enormous basket decorated with vines and ribbons and showed that they had brought red velvet cake in the shape of the castle where they lived, delicious cookies, and beautiful holiday decorations in just the perfect colors. The goodies and decorations weren’t for me, but were gifts to cheer up The Lady and The Man since they might be having a sad Christmas because of someone named Oliver. Princess Fran picked me up and said she was in love, and Princess Cynthia gave me a little squeeze and said she was taking me with her when she left. She didn’t really take me, but I liked them both very much. They smelled like sugar and flowers. We took pictures and everything and sent them to my Auntie Cynthia, a different Cynthia than Princess Cynthia. That visitor bell is magical and I look forward to hearing it ring again soon if it means sweet smelling ladies are coming to give me hugs and tell me I am the cutest puppy in the whole world.

Something distressing did happen that put a bit of a damper on the occasion. I discovered that when I am happy to see people, even if I’ve never met them before, I tend to pee a little bit on the floor. How embarrassing! I hope that doesn’t happen every time I have visitors.

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