Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home For Good!

I am home for good. Finally. My People have been very gentle with me and we’ve had a lot of quiet time. When it got dark outside and it was time for me to settle down for the night, they decided not to leave me in my enormous bed by myself in the kitchen. There is some discussion about moving my bed into their room for the night, or coming up with a makeshift solution until they choose an appropriate crate. (What is a crate? I have heard a lot about this thing called a crate.) It seems I am going to spend the night in an empty storage bin normally used for Christmas decorations, with the lid off, of course, lined with bath mats and my pink blanket. It’s tall enough that I can’t get out by myself, as I gather I’m not to have much freedom for a long time. They think the idea of me sleeping in a red and green holiday bin is silly, but I don’t care. The Lady gives me an extra fuzzy blanket and pulls it up over my body to keep me warm. Because I am still a bit shaky, and certainly not potty trained, they set their alarm for every hour on the hour and take turns escorting me outside to the grass all night long. They carry me in their arms and stumble outside into the cold dark night, wearing their pajamas and parkas, yawning, hitting their heads on low hanging branches, swearing, and kissing me on the head.

The Boy texted that he does not like the name Jupiter. He is being influenced by his friend Rafe who believes the best name for me should be…Little Rafe. The Boy suggests T-Bone. T-Bone is rejected by The Lady and The Man, thank heavens, since I do not wish to be named after a steak. The idea of naming me Little Rafe doesn't even rate a conversation.

The Man and The Lady have remembered they talked about naming me Harbor when they were driving me home from Evil Steve and Wicked Wanda's house. I really like Harbor and I hope that becomes my name.

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