Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sticks and Leaves

Sticks and Leaves. My greatest joys in life are sticks and leaves. Rocks too, but every time I try to eat a rock some one pries it out of my mouth. Sticks come in so many different flavors for the adventurous palate. Some are bendy and green, quite tangy in flavor, with a soothing effect on my tender gums. Other have a lovely aged taste with more of a snap to them. Leaves offer the perfect compliment to other menu items to be found both indoors and outside. I wonder why they aren’t served in the house with my Puppy Plate? I’d just love a side order of toasted elm leaves with my lunch, kind of like chips. Everytime I bring these treats into the house like take-out Thai, The Lady gets the vacuum and sucks them up, or throws them into the fireplace for the nighttime fire-lighting activity. Ahh well. I’ll just have to forage for my own snack foods in the side yard when no one is looking.

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