Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Park

The Man, The Lady, The Boy and I went to a park today. This was the most perfect Sunday morning. I was asked to get into the car, and of course I assumed I was going to the hospital or being returned to Evil Steve and Wicked Wanda, Siblings of Satan, but instead we went to Eagle Rock Recreation Center Park. The Man and The Boy brought a football and The Lady and I chased it back and forth between them. She was laughing, but I think this activity is new to her, as evidenced by her stumbling and general slowness. After a while of this silliness, The Man said I could remove my leash since no one was around and we were in a secluded area. It was wonderful! I ran back and forth in the soft grass between everyone and we had such fun. The Man brought the special little spongy frisbee with the hole in the center that I can pick up by myself and that was the best. The football is a little unwieldy and doen't fit very well in my mouth. I have a very big mouth, but not quite that large, at least not yet. Perhaps it will be easier when I get bigger teeth. We couldn’t have asked for better weather in January with a view of the ocean on one side, mountains covered with snow to our backs, and golden sunshine shining from above. Because it was so nice and warm outside we stayed for a long time. Eventually two enormous families showed up for a picnic, so out of respect for their food, we went home. There was some discussion about how I might knock down toddlers for their hot dogs. I was pretty tired anyway, so it was time to leave. What an excellent day!


  1. Is that you I see running, Craig!?

  2. You should see the things Craig is doing because of this furry little fellow.