Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slap around in the wind

Ok, so I’m starting to get the potty training thing. I’m supposed to pee and poop outside. Ok. Fine. I don’t see anyone else going outside in the middle of the night to poop in the bushes, but fine. What isn’t fine is that is hasn’t stopped pouring rain by the bucketful for at least a week. I know I shouldn’t complain since my house hasn’t washed away or filled up with mud like some other nearby homes, but seriously, there must be some other way to get this taken care of under these circumstances. I agree, it was very nice for The Man to rig up an impromptu cover over part of the grass using last summer’s shade umbrellas. And, I agree that it was nice of him not to get really mad now that one of the umbrellas has been beat to hell and back in the gale force winds. Now most of the wooden spokes have snapped into pieces leaving the canvas to slap around in the wind like abandoned laundry. Perhaps I could be taught to use the same facility as My People? Just a suggestion….


  1. when boscoe was a pup (almost 15 years ago, good lord) we used to go out in the middle of the night with him and doug would hold an umbrella over his head.

    now that boscoe is old and diabetic, we would probably do it again, if needed.

  2. Of course you held umbrellas for the baby and of course you'll do it again for the elderly. I'm sure Boscoe appreciates it very much.