Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nasty Overdose

I have picked out my favorite treat. Ice Cubes! They are just delicious. Currently there is a lot of frozen tuna in the freezer from The Man’s extremely successful trip to Baja Mexico so the ice cubes have a very subtle ocean flavor that only I can perceive. And most interesting is the effect they have on the inside of my mouth. First it feels cold, then if feels almost hot, then it just disappears with very little chewing. Ahh, but the chewing! Nothing, and I mean nothing, has such a satisfying crunch. Much more satisfying than crunching up a few of the smaller seashells I found in the potted plants. Even My People indulge in these treats regularly. The Man finds it very entertaining to say in a happy voice, “It’s time to make some more Dog Treats.” Everyone else thinks this is amusing too, and I can only believe that this because these particular dog treats bring such happiness to everyone. As a sidenote, I will admit there is a limit of how many of these treats one can enjoy in a session. After five or six of them, they seem to lose their effect, and I can’t even feel them in my mouth anymore, and tend to bite my own tongue. I’ll have to watch myself with this indulgence, as it might have addictive qualities and some sort of nasty overdose symptoms.

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  1. What a cute picture of him and his favorite doggy treat.. #PHOTO