Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Contest! Win Animal Planet Dogs Rule Cahooties!

Guess what!?!  Today I am 24 weeks old.  That means today is my Six Month Birthday!!!  Because it's my birthday, I want to give all my friends presents.  When I mentioned this, The Lady stuttered a bit and looked at the floor and told me we don't have enough presents for everyone, so I suggested a contest, or more of a drawing really.  So guess what?  We're going to do it! Since I am the guest of honor, I'll let The Lady explain the contest.

Greetings everyone, The Lady speaking here.  I do wish we had gifts for the whole party, but I think Harbor's idea for a drawing is a good one.  Such a generous little nonpartisan pooch.  (At first Harbor didn't like the word "drawing."  I had to explain the difference between my art lessons where I sketch nudes, and the concept of having a drawing for a prize.  Now that he understands, he's ok with the word.) 

Here's how the contest works:
Vote for your favorite picture of Harbor!  He is getting all kind of e-mails and messages about his adorable little self, so let’s take it public.  

1. If you aren't already a follower, sign up to be a follower of Harbor’s blog at  (Yes, here.  Look up. Yes, you.) At the very top of the page, youll see the word FOLLOW in blue.  Click FOLLOW. Then follow the directions, and become an official follower.  Follow, follow, follow. Follow is a strange word, isn’t it?

2. Pick your favorite picture of Harbor.  Don’t forget to look at the OLDER POSTS, especially the posts from December 2009.  Awww…!  Leave a comment on the blog entry featuring your favorite photo of Harbor by pressing the (0)COMMENT(S) button at the bottom of the post.  Follow the directions.  (Follow…  there’s that word again.)

3. Somewhere in the body of your clever comment please include the contest code #PHOTO.  Yes, just like that…  #PHOTO.  If you don’t include this code, you won’t get to be in the contest.  Bummer.

4. Harbor will do a random drawing with his big sticky tongue on April 30th and we’ll announce the winner in the blog post on May 1st

5. If you are the winner, we’ll ask you to send your land address to Harbor’s personal e-mail and we’ll ship your prize right away.  Simple!

Now let’s hear a word from my friends at Cahooties, the way cool peeps providing your prizes….

Animal Planet Dogs Rule! Cahootie

Dogs Rule!  But of course you already know that…if you are simply nuts for your pup or any pooch you meet, then you will have a blast playing Dogs Rule Cahootie, the iconic folded paper game reinvented to deliver crazy canine fun with loads of entertaining questions, fortunes and challenges for dog lovers of all ages!


  1. My favorite #PHOTO is this one:

    OMG, what's that guilty face? LOL Soooooo cute.

    Carina Guiname

  2. I love Harbor and the PediPaws #photo. I am a new follower, yay!

    parodi821 at yahoo dot com

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  4. Wendi - Yay! Thanks for being a new follower of Harbor's story. Ha- I love to PediPaws photo too. He was so disgusted with the incredibly loud gadget, and looked at me with such a "How could you?" expression on his face. Good luck with the contest! Harbor Bunny Rabbit really is going to pick the winner.

  5. Carina- Guiname - I KNOW!!! His face, his body, his posture, everything broadcasted complete and utter guilt in the picture with the bags. So cute. Thanks for becoming a new follower and thanks for participating in the Birthday contest

  6. Samantha and I love the sleeping puppy picture. Left a comment under the pic...A sleeping puppy is a good puppy. We want to kiss his belly:) oxox

    Darlene and Samantha

  7. Right! I am down to shortlist of 3! BOL! Excercise In Tolerance... Valentine's Day photo 1 and For one so little........ Bear (sorry...bark) with me! BOL

  8. Dear Prince Harbor! My decision is made! I have chosen the #photo of you and Earl in the Exercise in Tolerance post! I hope Ma has not let me down on the techie side of registering my choice! BOL! Princess Annie X

  9. OMC - you have a great bloggy. Can't believe I didn't know about it until today. I'm following now. You have so many neat pictures. It's hard to choose just 1. #PHOTO I think I like the "Bag Lady" one on February 18th. You look so innocent like you don't have any clue what happened.

  10. The time is just moving so fast that you are twenty four weeks old already. Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. Have a fantastic rest of your week.
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