Sunday, December 27, 2009

Max and Earl

Apparently, because Evil Steve didn’t start my shots when he should have, I am confined to the back yard and house when I should be starting to socialize with other dogs. There are plenty of potential dog friends in my neighborhood, on my block even, but I am not allowed to get close to them yet. The Vet says I have to be 100% well to start my shots and they are all giving me a wide berth to do so, and until I start my shots, no pals for me. For the moment, I am content in my backyard, but I do miss my sisters and brother and would like a few dog friends. I did get to see Max and Earl through the fence, and they look interesting. Max lives across the street and Earl lives three houses down. These two couldn’t be more opposite. Max is a mini dachshund, and Earl is an Australian Shepherd mix. Max is the smallest dog in the area and feels he has to make up for it by having the biggest personality, the loudest voice, and the sharpest teeth. He likes My People very much and has even been inside my house on several occasions for visits. The Lady parks her car in front of his window and he’ll pound o the glass with his paw and shout for her attention, even though she is waving at him and saying, “Hi Max!” His Person, Janice, is very afraid he is going to rip someone to shreds and I believe this is a possibility. Earl is the elder statesman of the pack, and he was either a Supreme Court Judge or a Senator before his retirement. His Person is Elizabeth and she is an artist and a cancer survivor. Earl’s predecessor was Bailey, a full Australian Shepherd, who was a “complete sweetheart” according to The Lady. When Bailey died, Elizabeth went to the pound to donate his belongings, and instead came home with Earl, who was 12 years old at the time, and without a home. Elizabeth is a major softy. Earl has only barked twice in a year that we know of, and is completely zen about everything, even the gardeners and the meter-reader. Everyone says Earl will be good for me, like a Grandpa, and teach me the ropes. I can’t wait to meet them properly.

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